Talk-back sessions after the show
on the Thursday, second week of the run

THREE Matinées at 2pm
on the second, third and last Sundays of the run
(no evening performance)

All performances Thur - Sun at 8pm unless otherwise noted
and take place at Jericho Arts Centre, 1675 Discovery Street

March 29 – April 21

Preview: March 28 ($14.00) Opening March 29
Talkback: April 4
Matinées: April 7, 14, 21

by Lucy Kirkwood
In Chimerica playwright Lucy Kirkwood highlights the sharp differences and similarities between two superpowers in this thriller about an American photojournalist who is seeking the lone protester at Tiananmen Square and a Chinese dissident who pays a heavy price for inciting unrest. This is a play about the new China and our relationship to it. The issues feel new, local, international, and urgent.

June 7 - 30

Preview: June 6 ($14.00) Opening June 7
Talkback: June 13
Matinées: June 16, 23 & 30

by Jez Butterworth
Johnny “Rooster” Byron a gypsy squatter, a wanted man, a folk
hero to some and a villain to others. The authorities want to evict him. His son wants his dad to take him to the fair. A motley crew of mates want his ample supply of drugs. Johnny is a giant from a bygone age, a Green Man from England’s past, and a larger-than-life character who has captivated audiences in London and New York – and who now comes for the first time to Vancouver.

2019 - 2020

September 6 - 29

Preview: September 5 ($14.00) Opening September 6
Talkback:September 12
Matinées: September 15, 22 & 29


adapted by Stephen Beresford, based on the film by Ingmar Bergman

Siblings Fanny and Alexander are growing up amidst the gilded romance and glamour of 1900s Sweden. But their world is turned upside down when their widowed mother remarries the iron-willed local bishop. As creative freedom and rigid orthodoxy clash, a war ensues between imagination and austerity in this magical study of childhood, family and love.  


November 8 - December 1

Preview: November 7 ($14.00) Opening November 8
Talkback: November 14
Matinées: November 17, 24, December 1

by Arthur Miller
A New York cop and his estranged rich surgeon brother meet for the first time in 18 years in a brownstone attic to sell off their parents’ furniture.  Watched over by the wily furniture dealer, Gregory Solomon, the brothers are party to revelation after revelation, by which they slowly come to realize the consequences of their past decisions.  Suddenly the cost of the pieces of furniture before them seems no weightier than that of the choices they made so long ago.

January 24 - February 16, 2020

Preview: January 23 ($14.00) Opening January 24
Talkback: January 30
Matinées: February 2, 9, 16


by Henrik Ibsen
A small town has recently become famous for the Kirsten Springs that lure visitors with their promise of health and vitality.  Dr. Stockmann has just discovered that the springs are seriously contaminated and should be closed down.  Stockmann’s brother, the mayor, violently opposes him, claiming that postponement of the opening of the springs would be ruinous to the town, and proposes covering up the truth. The townspeople are turned against him and Stockmann is declared ‘an enemy of the people’.

March 27 - April 19

Preview: March 26 ($14.00) Opening March 27
Talkback: April 2
Matinées: April 5, 12, 19

by Georges Feydeau, an new translation by David Ives
Perhaps the greatest farce ever written.  Sexual innuendo, colourful characters, slamming doors and Paris's most notorious hotel, The Frisky Puss.  There the bourgeoisie let their peccadilloes out to play, propriety takes a vacation, and ribaldry rules the roost.  Result: Comic chaos!

June 5 - 28

Preview: June 4 ($14.00) Opening June 5
Talkback: June 11
Matinées: 14, 21, 28


by E.M. Forster, adapted by Martin Sherman
Before deciding whether to marry Chandrapore’s local magistrate, Adela wants to discover the ‘real India’ for herself.  Newly arrived from England, she agrees to see the famous Marabar Caves with the charming Dr. Aziz.  In the heat and darkness of a cave, Adela is attacked, and the fragile structures of Anglo-Indian relations collapse as Aziz is brought to trial for assault.  The absurdity, hysteria and depth of cultural ignorance that existed in British India is exposed.

subject to availability